Abortion Decision Making in India: Whose Role is Vital?

Barsharani Maharana


Using District Level Household Suvey-3 (2007-08), this paper portrays the scenario of induced abortion in India and some selected states which note high rates of abortions. It further explores the decision making process of abortion and key factors associated with it.The role of women is most important in decision making process for abortion in the states where incidence of abortion is high. However, result from Multinomial Logistic Regression analysis indicates that women who reside in rural areas, and are uneducated, with low standard of living, have done ultrasound and have terminated their pregnancy in private clinics are more prone to depend on others’ decision for termination of pregnancy. The paper suggests that reproductive health programmes of the government should enhance awareness about complications of abortion and encourage the women to seek consent of medically qualified persons before the termination of pregnancy. For this uneducated and poor women need to be given special attention.

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