Human Development in Uttar Pradesh: A District Level Analysis

Nagendra Kumar Maurya, Sapana Singh, Shagun Khare


The latest human development report of Uttar Pradesh (2008) estimated HDI for 2001 and 2005. No such attempt has been made by the state or any other entity for all the districts on the basis of recent data i.e. data of Census 2011. The present paper analyses the performance of districts of Uttar Pradesh in terms of human development based on latest available district-level data. Methodology adopted is same as that of UPHDR (2008) HDI computation. The paper does two separate exercises to calculate HDI scores of the districts. The first exercise takes IMR, literacy rate and PCI (PPP) as variables for HDI calculations whereas the second is more inclusive and considers IMR & institutional delivery, literacy rate & GER and PCI (PPP$) i.e. five indicators. The present study is an important contribution to policy making and research as it provides latest estimates of district-level human development for a range of indicators.

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