From the Desk of the Chief Editor

Santanu Ghosh


We are pleased to launch the fourth and the final issue of the inaugural volume of the Social Science Spectrum. Within a short period, we have been able to publish four issues and have strived hard to maintain punctuality. I, on behalf of the Social Science Spectrum, must acknowledge our deep gratitude to all those, including the authors and the referees, who have enormously helped us to carry on our venture with limited means and infrastructure. I must especially record our deep debt to Prof. Nagarajan who has been working tirelessly and helping us to ensure timely publication of the journal and as well as its quality.

We have been able to enlarge gradually the ambit of the coverage. The current issue contains 6 articles and 2 contributions under the section Notes and Commentaries. The coverage has been quite diverse as the articles in the issue not only pertain to different areas of social sciences, viz. Economics, Demography, Political Science, but also have a strong inter disciplinary flavour. The present issue also contains a Book Review, a welcome addition to our publication. In the coming months we hope to introduce greater diversity and carry on our journey with active cooperation from the well-wishers of the journal

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