Repeated Induced Abortion and Son Preference in India

Deepti Singh, Srinivas Goli, Ladumai Maikho Apollo Pou


India recorded the highest of repeated induced abortion in the world. Literature on it is scanty and the role of son preference is often ignored. We have attempted to answer the
question: Does son preference associate with repeated induced abortion? We have used the third round of District Level Household Survey (DLHS-3). Bivariate analyses,
Scatter Matrix Plot and Cox proportional hazard regression model were used. The results reveal that repeated induced abortions were more among the women with son
preference. For the first time this study estimates repeated induced abortions by major states and socio-economic groups in India. Also, for the first time, the study gives a
comprehensive sociological perspective to repeated induced abortions. In the absence of reliable information on sex-selective abortions, repeated induced abortions can be
used as an important proxy indicator. The reduction of repeated abortions will reduce unsafe abortions and maternal deaths, as well as contribute to balanced sex ratio.

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