Quality of Life of Elderly in Rural Murshidabad (West Bengal)

Nasim Ahamed Mondal, Ajit Kumar Kannaujiya, Balhasan Ali


This study explains the quality of life among the elderly in rural Murshidabad. A community-based cross-sectional design was adopted for it. Descriptive statistics, boxplot, t-test, analysis of variance (ANOVA), and linear regression were used for the analysis of data. The overall score of quality of life (QOL) was 41.92±7.69 where 38.53±9.12 for the physical domain; 40.28±8.12 for the psychological domain; 40.11±10.98 for the social relationship domain; and 47.59±7.69 for the environmental domain. The findings revealed that OQOL had a strong negative association with age of the elderly. Wealth status also had a significant negative association with all the domains of quality of life. Further, unemployed elderly had a lower QOL in each domain.

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