A Discourse on Child Sex Ratio and Sex Ratio at Birth: Positioning Maharashtra

Aparajita Chattopadhyay, Jagdeep Bansod


Maharashtra, one of the economically advanced states in India, is known for its skewed child sex ratio (CSR) and sex ratio at birth (SRB). CSR is getting worsened, though SRB in urban Maharashtra is showing some improvement in recent years. CSR was almost normal in the state till the 1980s, but thereafter it started showing gradual signs of decrease. There is a clear indication that the problem with CSR is spreading from western to eastern sides of Maharashtra. Some questions that are highlighted in this paper are: does son preference in Maharashtra cut across society, irrespective of social background? Why does the discrimination spread gradually in this state? Why does census data indicate a negative association of women’s empowerment with CSR in rural Maharashtra? The bigger question is whether empowerment of women is synonymous making CSR better. This paper aims to explore CSR and SRB in Maharashtra on the verge of modification of PCPNDT.

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