The Gendering Role and Image Building in Politics

. Archana


Women’s heroic image has been created in politics of India either by themselves ortheir counterparts. Whatever be the reason behind this image making or terminology used for women politicians, the matter is its effect on politics. The role of women in Indian politics can be analyzed through their participation and contribution in the development of our country. Then they are considered weaker than men because we have a patriarchal society, where women cannot get any credit. This study deals with the emergence of women in politics and proves their decision making power in favour of social welfare. Further, it explains the role of patriarchy in power dominance where respect and honour both create a boundary for women. Since the women started intervening in politics, initially they had to work within the borders because they faced challenges not from their male counterparts but also female colleagues. So the term came into existence where they can relate themselves with their female counterpart. In a patriarchal society, Amma (mother), Behen (sister) or Didi (elder sister) is the most respectful nomenclature. Therefore, these terminologies are helpful to encourage women in politics which is lagging in Bihar. This can be analyzed through the role of women in panchayat elections where men are ruling in their name.


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