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Santanu Ghosh


We are pleased to launch the Vol. 2, No. 3 of Social Science Spectrum containing six articles. The current issue is quite diverse in terms of coverage of the topics, some of which areinterdisciplinary in nature. For instance, of the three articles on demography and health economics,one relates to the health hazards of the solid waste loaders – an area of interest to the environmentalists. The opening article of the issue pertains to a highly important and relevant issue, viz. nexus between corruption and rational choice and its philosophical aspects. There is an important survey article on the Economics of Discrimination. Finally, there is a paper related to the MSME and entrepreneurship in the North East India, a rather neglected and backward area in the country. All the articles are expected to evoke interest among the readers; these are, indeed, of high research value to the academicians and the researchers.

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