Book Review: Beyond Business: Mapping the CSR and Sustainable Development Initiatives of Tata Steel

Prabhash N. Rath


The house of Tatas has been engaged in the development of society at large through their various programmes and activities much before the concept of corporate social responsibility (CSR) came into being as an integral part of a corporate house. The Tata Steel was founded by JRD Tata whose contributions stand out uniquely and illustriously in the history of industrial entrepreneurship in India. The establishment of Tata Steel in Jamshedpur is considered as one of the earliest indigenous challenges to the British entrepreneurship in India. The book under review, however, is not about the achievements of Tata Steel as an industrial house; rather it is a discussion about the CSR activities of Tata Steel and its contribution to socio-economic development of the Jamshedpur region.

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