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Santanu Ghosh


It is sometimes said that the last century witnessed three kinds of explosion – population, nuclear and information/knowledge. Thanks to the tremendous and revolutionary strides in information technology, society has experienced “death of distance”. The progress and development of information technology and increasing concern over environment have its deep impact on academic world. And one such impact or outcome of this has been the proliferation of electronic journals or the so-called E Journals – soft version of journals instead of in hard or print form. The life of an academician or a researcher has changed a lot with the advent of E Journals. E Journals have, indeed, become quite popular for a number of reasons – economization of physical space being one of the most important, apart from being its rather easy accessibility across space.


I, on behalf of the Social Science Spectrum community and especially, its Editorial Team, am pleased to announce that finally our inaugural issue is formally out with the current one. Our team members have been striving hard over the last few months for this occasion and we have chosen the auspicious Buddha Jayanti occasion for this launch.


The inaugural issue contains in all six articles and one note. While five of the papers broadly relate to the discipline of health economics, the remaining one is on history. Heath economics has not only emerged as a leading filed of research across the globe, but in India its importance and relevance is extremely important because of its wider connotations pertaining to human capital formation, productivity and efficiency and gender aspects. We are happy that the inaugural issue has, coincidentally, addressed this emerging area.


We hope that our endeavour will give a platform to a wide spectrum of social scientists and researchers, including the young and budding professionals. On this august occasion, we sincerely seek blessings and cooperation from readers and academicians; we also seek their scholarly contributions, constructive suggestions and criticisms and hope that in the coming days we shall be able to maintain the regularity and the quality of the journal. A small sapling is planted today. Let us hope, through proper nurturing, in future it will become one tree with a big canopy that can act as a shelter to many.


Before concluding, I again express my sincere gratitude to the entire Editorial Team and, especially to Dr. Benjamin (the Managing Editor), Prof. Nagarajan, Dr. Rath and Mr. Joshi for their untiring efforts in making the inaugural issue a success.




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