Leadership styles, training and challenges

Rajesh Danane


This is a small book but full of interesting ideas. It begins with a discussion of the work place community. The author says that it has eight stages. She gives an account of each stage. The last stage is transformation. She says about it, “Need to decide if the community in its current form still has a relevant role to play, or is it time to close, or transform; the need for working into a more traditional form organization needs to be assessed” (p. 7). The next chapter deals with the concepts and theories of leadership. She says that leadership in business is the key to sustainable success. She discusses the popular leadership theories and writes about their main ideas. Here she refers to All India Management Association which published ‘Leaders on Leadership’ in 2012. There is gist of their ideas. She rightly points out that trust, effective communication, continuous innovation,transparency and future vision are important qualities for effective leadership.

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