Statelessness and Persecution of the Rohingyas in Myanmar: Time for Serious International Intervention

Azlan Tajuddin


This article examines the decades-long systemic persecution of the stateless Muslim Rohingyas in Myanmar (formerly Burma). Largely unheeded by the world community,the helplessness faced by this group can be evidenced by the staggering numbers in human casualty, loss of property and homelessness. Of late, direct perpetrators behind many of the mass atrocities have been said to include members of Myanmar’s military,police, and ultra-nationalist groups, while Buddhist monks who vow to rid the country of Muslims have acted as deadly instigators. As it stands, the continuous flow of Rohingya refugees fleeing the violence has overwhelmed neighbouring countries, who themselves have been unable to adequately accommodate massive numbers of people flooding their shores. If left unaddressed, the Rohingya crisis could well extend beyond a localized humanitarian problem to seriously undermine the political and economic stability of the whole Southeast Asian region. Any resolve to the problem however, must be initiated through a collaboration between and among international government and nongovernment organizations who see a genuine urgency and obligation to warrant the viability and success in preventing a full-blown genocide in Myanmar.

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